Support from Leamington Town Council

Royal Leamington Spa Town Council is pleased to be associated once again with the Leamington Carnival.

The Carnival, having been successfully reintroduced in 2014, is once again planned for July 2016 thanks to the dedication of a new Carnival Committee comprising of representatives from local business.  The Mayor, Councillor Amanda Stevens, said “I look forward to the re-birth of a vibrant Carnival which will attract many people to our Town Centre and demonstrate the lively and diverse culture of our fine Town.  I am pleased to see volunteers from across the Town coming forward to help with the organisation and hope that the Town Council’s support will encourage others to similar assistance”.

The Town Council which assisted the Carnival Committee with the relaunch of this event in 2014 has pledged further financial support for the 2016 Carnival. 

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Leamington Carnival are pleased to announce the first sponsor has been confirmed. 

The Kingsley School is situated in Leamington SpaWarwickshire, England, just to the north of the town centre. Kingsley is an independent girls' day school taking girls from 3 to 18; the Junior School also takes boys up to the age of seven.

The senior school occupies an adapted and extended Victorian manor house. On the opposite side of the road the Junior School can be found. The nearby sixth form centre is self-contained, although retains the friendly atmosphere of the main school. The playing fields occupy a site on the outskirts of the town. Originally founded as a Church of England school, it now welcomes pupils of all faiths and of none.

Jamie Walker of Leamington Carnival said 'I am delighted that The Kingsley School has become our first sponsor of the 2016 event. The school will host our monthly planning meetings from July next month up until Carnival Day'

If you are interested in attending the monthly meetings & becoming a member please contact the team via 

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LEAMINGTON Carnival is set to rise from the ashes – for a second time.

Orgainsers were reluctantly forced to abandon plans for the event this summer owing to a lack of support. It was a major blow following the hugely successful revival of the carnival last summer which saw thousands line the streets to welcome back the carnival after an 18 year absence.

But organisers are refusing to give up and are determined the event will go ahead in 2016. They have already set a date for the event on Saturday July 9.

And renewed efforts to recruit volunteers onto the organising committee have already proved successful with a number of people signing up to help re-launch the event.

Jamie Walker, Chairman of Leamington Carnival Committee, told The Observer: “Last year was an incredible day – one, all the team won’t forget – and we were determined not to be defeated.

“We’re trying to get more members to join our team. We plan 12 months before the event, and of course it is all voluntary work.

“We only ask for a few hours a month planning the event, along with a team meeting once a month. It is a great experience to join the team and very rewarding.”

Mr Walker said he was determined to see Leamington Carnival re-established as an annual fixture in the town’s calendar – like carnivals were in neighbouring towns including Kenilworth and Southam.

He added the thousands of townspeople who turned out last summer to watch the procession and enjoy the fair in the Pump Room Room Gardens was proof the carnival had a future.

Leamington Carnival – which can trace its history back over a century – thrived for decades, but lack of interest saw the last procession roll through the town in 1996, with the event surviving only in fete form for a further two years, until last year’s revival.

Email or visit for further details of how to get involved with organising next year’s carnival.

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Leamington Carnival ended in 1996, in 2014 a small team of volunteers worked hard to revive the towns Carnival. In July last year, the team were overwhelmed by the thousands that lined the streets to watch the procession pass and enjoy the family fun festival in the Pump Room Gardens.

Sadly the team of 8 volunteers dwindled down to only 2. After several call outs earlier this year, with no luck, the unwanted decision to cancel the 2015 Carnival had to be taken.

The 2 remaining members are determined to make the 2016 Carnival happen. A call out for more organisers has recently been made on Social Media, which a number of people have responded to. 

Jamie Walker of Leamington Carnival said 'Last year was incredible day, it is something all the team won't forget. We're trying to get more members to join our team. We plan 12 months before the event, and of course is all voluntary work. 

He added 'We only ask for a few hours a month planning the event, along with a team meeting once a month. It is a great experience to join the team and very rewarding'

If you are looking at joining please contact the Organisers via email -

Leamington Carnival have also recently relaunched a new website & logo in a bid to attract more sponsors for the event.

A Carnival Planning Meeting will be taking place next month to start plans for the 2016 Carnival which will take place on Saturday 6th July 2016. 

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Leamington Carnival Committee have announced that the planning for the carnival this year has come to the end. Last year the carnival took on the streets of Leamington and saw thousands line the street and fill the festival in the Pump Room Gardens.

Jamie Walker of Leamington Carnival said: “Today is a very sad day. We’ve decided to call it a day on Leamington Carnival. We feel there hasn’t been sufficient support to make the carnival happen. Last year we had a large team organising the days event, however this year only 3 members remain on the committee all in their early 20’s. Organising large community events takes a lot of man power which of course is all voluntary and we simply haven’t got enough of this. Since the last carnival a number of call outs have been made but with no luck.

He added: ‘We have also only received a small number of applications from local businesses & organisations wanting to take part, but this time last year we were almost full. Last year was a very memorable day, which the committee and town won’t forget.

The town’s carnival was expensive to run and was covered by sponsors which Leamington Town Council and Warwick KIA we’re keen to support again for the second year running.

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LEAMINGTON Carnival committee are overwhelmed with the support as thousands lined the streets. Thousands of people went along to Leamington Carnival to enjoy some fun in the sun on Saturday, 12 July.

The day was packed full of entertainment, stalls, fun fair and a SUMMER themed procession. It was also attended by the Mayor of Leamington, Councillor John Knight.

The Carnival Committee has now revealed that just under £800 was raised during the street collection on the day which will now be ploughed back into Leamington Spa. It was a special day for Co-op Childcare who won overall best float, a big congratulations to Rachel Murry and her team!

Jamie Walker, chairman of the Leamington Carnival Committee, said: "We had a 6 month time frame, to plan what normally takes 12 months. We are extremely pleased & thankful with the amount raised. With it being its first year, it can only get better”

"The Committee where overwhelmed with the thousands of spectators who lined the streets of Leamington to watch the 14 floats pass, it was a very special, and proud moment for us”

"Our busy mayor was able to attend, councillor John Knight lead the procession in the Optima vehicle which was provided by our sponsor, Warwick KIA, and then enjoyed some entertainment in the Pump Room Gardens.

Mr Walker added: "The committee have worked extremely hard to ensure that this was a popular, enjoyable & successful event. We’ve received lots of positive comments it’s great to hear this.

“I’d like to say a big thank you to Strobix Photography, our official photographer on the day, the whole Committee for their dedication, Sponsors who include, Royal Leamington Spa Town Council, Warwick KIA, Warwick SASco, The Tanning Shop, Bravissimo, Massey Ferguson and CJ’s Events Warwickshire for the traffic management on the day.

The carnival committee have confirmed the event will take place again in 2015 and are looking for more volunteers, as planning starts in September 2014. Anyone who would like to offer their help is asked to contact the committee via

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