Leamington Carnival floats away...

Organisers of the annual Leamington Carnival have confirmed that this July will see the last Carnival on the streets unless more local support is given for next year.

The team which revived the carnival in 2014 after a 18-year gap has struggled yearly to gain support from local businesses to help fund the event. The event has run every year apart from 2015 and has been a popular event with visitors.

Steph Manning from Leamington Carnival said: The event costs around £6,000 to put on. We simply cannot find the funding to do this anymore, there has been a lack of support from businesses from in and around the town - which is a massive disappointment. The event attracts thousands of people into the town center and feels this event is a benefit for the town along with keeping history alive.’

She added: ‘We have approached Warwick District Council with two proposals of unique attractions which would help fund the carnival and make the event even bigger and better, both of which have been refused due to concerns of stretching the council & police resources. However, we totally disagree with this and feel the council isn’t willing to work with us and support a major event within the town. Not once have we ever asked, or would expect the support of the council & police resources and their concerns are just not justified. Last year the event was well supported by the Events team and I’m unsure as to what’s happened this year. We should see the local authorities and local businesses supporting events within the town center. Our High Streets are dying with major chains closing down, and we need to keep the community spirit & footfall alive.’

Sarah Hargreaves of Leamington Carnival said: ‘Leamington is home to around 500 businesses, if each one only donated £12, the carnival would be fully funded. All the money raised through the on-street collections are given to local charities in and across Warwick District. We want to keep this community event alive, but with no support - we can’t do this.’

Organisers are making one final plea to local businesses & organisations in a bid to drum up financial support to ensure the carnival has a bright future.

The carnival is asking anyone who would be willing to sponsor the event for 2019 to contact them by the end of June 2018.

However, if no support has been gathered by then, this July will see the final carnival taking place.

On Saturday 14th July 2018, over 15 organisations will take part in the parade, along with over 50 stalls, a fun fair and live entertainment in the Pump Room Gardens.


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Thank you!

As the curtain falls on Leamington Carnival for another year, its organisers are looking back at a successful day – as well as forward to what they hope will be a bright future.

Despite the weather, thousands lined the street yet again to support the annual Leamington Carnival Parade which took on the streets of Leamington being lead by Meridian Corps of Drums. Over 15 organisations got involved, from having floats to walking & even entering branded cars giving out giveaways whilst collecting money for charity. 

Everyone who took part was judged by Leamington Town Mayor Councillor Caroline Evetts who picked Hannah School of Dance for Best Dressed Float, Stagecoach Dance for best Walkers & Belvoir Sales & Lettings for Best Dressed Vehicle. 

Steph Manning of Leamington Carnival said: The parade was the longest we've ever had, but the fewest floats, as most organisations took part last minute and entered either cars, or even walked. The parade was great, it was nice to see the town busy, it wasn't the busiest, but despite the weather, it was a good turn out. The festival was also great, with over 30 stalls and of course Barkers Amusements, it was great to see everyone enjoying themselves. 

She added: We are reviewing our plans for 2018 and ensuring we engage with businesses over the coming weeks & months to get interested for next years event, which is set to be totally remodelled for a much bigger event.

Anyone wanting to support the carnival is being asked to get in touch with the planning team, the team are currently looking for a local design company & an accountant that could support the carnival with their services. Anyone can get in touch by emailing info@leamingtoncarnival.orrg.uk or by visiting www.leamingtoncarnival.org.uk

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LEAMINGTON Carnival will take to the streets again this summer

A lack of floats was threatening to sink the carnival parade but a desperate appeal by organisers for businesses and other organisations to get involved has been answered, and the parade will go ahead on Saturday July 15.

Jamie Walker of Leamington Carnival said: “Last month we were almost ready to pull the plug on the revived carnival because of the lack of support from the local community.

“But this has now changed and Leamington will see eight floats, along with seven groups of walkers, all being lead by an amazing marching band.

“We want Leamington Carnival to be an annual event in the town centre which attracts thousands of people. We revived it back in 2014 after 18 years and feel it’s important to keep it going. But to do this we really do need the support from local groups and businesses.”

And plans are in the pipeline in a bid to ensure the carnival can become an annual event in the town’s calendar.

Steph Manning, of the organising committee, said: ‘Plans will be put in place from August to interact with groups and businesses for the 2018 carnival.

“Although we would have just seen the 2017 carnival happen, we need to approach people while it’s fresh in their mind, we’ve got big plans for Leamington Carnival, we just need the support and involvement of the town’

The carnival in the Pump Room Gardens will run from 11am to 7pm, with a fun fair, more than 40 stalls, music and other fun and games. The parade will gather in Beauchamp Avenue from 11am and will depart at 1pm to start its journey around the town.

Leamington Carnival – which can trace its history back over a century – thrived for decades, but lack of interest saw the last procession roll through the town in 1996, before the revival in 2014. The following year’s carnival was cancelled after struggling to recruit volunteers onto the organising committee, but it made another successful return in 2016.

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Lack of floats threatens to sink Leamington Carnival parade

Organisers have put out a desperate appeal for businesses and other organisations to get involved to ensure the parade can go ahead at the carnival on Saturday July 15. They are currently struggling to fill the free floats with local businesses, schools, groups and charities.

A carnival spokesman said: ‘It is with great shame that we’re discussing the options whether to continue planning for the parade.

“The parade is a fantastic part and the main high light of the event, and it with be missed by many if more businesses, schools, groups or charities don’t apply to fill the floats.

“The parade involves the whole town and is a great way for the organisations to collect money for their chosen charity.”

Applications for floats close on April 28 and if there are not enough applications, the parade around the town will be cancelled.

But organisers are promising the carnival festival in the Pump Room Gardens will go ahead regardless.

It is not the first time carnival organisers have had trouble drumming up interest following the hugely successful return of the event in 2014 which saw thousands line the streets to welcome it back after an 18 year absence.

But they were forced to cancel the following year’s carnival after struggling to recruit volunteers onto the organising committee. It made another successful return in 2016.

Leamington Carnival – which can trace its history back over a century – thrived for decades, but lack of interest saw the last procession roll through the town in 1996, before the revival in 2014

Thanks to Leamington Observer - https://leamingtonobserver.co.uk/news/lack-of-floats-threatens-to-sink-leamington-carnival-parade/

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Roads Closures

LEAMINGTON Carnival will roll into town on Saturday 9th July and will be one of Warwickshire's biggest carnival parades!

The Carnival will cause major traffic delays due to rolling road closures to allow for the procession to take place.

The parade will take the following route;

  • Beauchamp Avenue

  • Beauchamp Road

  • Clarendon Ave

  • The Parade

  • Victoria Terrace

  • Spencer Street

  • Station Approach

  • Adelaide Road

  • Dormer Place

The rolling closures are planned between the times of 12:30HRS and 14:30HRS, these roads will be re-opened once the parade has passed however road users are advised to avoid the town during the hours of the parade.

Beauchamp Avenue & Beauchamp Road will be closed from 06:00HRS until 13:00HRS with Dormer Place being closed from 12:00HRS until 20:00HRS.

If you use public transport please contact your bus provider for details on any diversion routes which they may take during the road closures.

More details on Leamington Carnival can be found on http://www.leamingtoncarnival.org.uk or for details on Car Parks within the town please visit www.royal-leamington-spa.co.uk/visiting/car-parking

If you have any questions about the closures please contact CJ's Events Warwickshire on 01926 800 750.


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Town Parking

There is plenty of affordable parking in Royal Leamington Spa, with spaces available both on-street and in car parks.

There are 10 car parks in Leamington Spa, most of which are managed by the local authority and are subject to a “linear” charging system. Seven of these car parks are situated in the Town Centre while the remaining three are located in Old Town at the southern end of Leamington.

Visitors can park all day for just £3 in Covent Garden (P1) multi-storey car park. With lots of Parent and Child spaces, it’s also great for families. For convenient Pay on Exit and Long Stay Parking, St Peter’s (P3) car park is also very central. All Old Town car parks operate a park all day set charge of £3.


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Be part of Leamington Carnival this July

Leamington Carnival is inviting entries for this year’s procession with organisers announcing that the event is on a secure financial footing to take place in the summer.

The event, which will take place on Saturday July 9, has attracted several sponsors and now has the backing of Leamington and Warwick MP Chris White.

Both floats and walking entries are being encouraged to come forward.

Jamie Walker, Event Chairman said: “We are now in a financially stable situation and we are now happy to accept applications, thanks to our sponsors, Leamington Town Council, Warwick KIA, SASCO and Warwick Printing”

“We’d encourage schools, charity, community groups and businesses of Leamington and surrounding areas to get involved in the procession. We’d like as many people as possible to enter this years event.”

Mr Walker added: “We hope people will enter in to the procession to support the carnival and make it one of the best.”

The carnival returned in 2014 after a 19-year hiatus but was cancelled for 2015 due to a lack of support.

But former contestant on The Apprentice, businesswoman and experienced event organiser Jo Cameron has teamed up with carnival committee chairman and CJs Events director Jamie Walker, businesswoman Caroline Kempster, Barclays Bank relationship director Kathy MacLauchlan and others to form an operational team to run the event.

The carnival will have the theme of gaming and technology to showcase Leamington’s reputation as ‘Silicon Spa’ and will raise money for charitable organisations and good causes based in and around the town.

The procession will last for between 45 minutes and an hour and will be followed by a festival at the Pump Room Gardens.

Leamington mayor cllr Amanda Stevens, said “I look forward to the re-birth of a vibrant carnival which will attract many people to our town centre and demonstrate the lively and diverse culture of our fine Town.

“I am pleased to see volunteers from across the Town coming forward to help with the organisation and hope that the Town Council’s support will encourage others to similar assistance.”

Another sponsor, Liz Usher of Vogue International salon in Bedford Street, said she has fond memories of the carnival and that having a float in the event would mark the anniversary of her business opening.


With thanks to Leamington Courier for the editorial.

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LEAMINGTON Carnival is inviting entries for this year's procession

The carnival team has been able to announce the opening of entries as it is now on a secure financial footing.

The procession will be slightly different than back in 2014, but is set to take around 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete.

Both floats and walking entries are being encouraged to come forward.

Jamie Walker, Event Chairman said: "We are now in a financially stable situation and we are now happy to accept applications

We’d encourage schools, charity, community groups and businesses of Leamington and surrounding areas to get involved in the procession. We’d like as many people as possible to enter this years event."

"With carnival day getting closer, there is a good atmosphere around the committee" He added.

The deadline for float applications is March 1st.

There are also still opportunities for food and trade stands within the festival.

Anyone who wishes to enter a float or be a walking entrant should email owen@leamingtoncarnival.org.uk or get in touch via the Leamington Carnival Facebook page and to apply for a stall contact sarah@leamingtoncarnival.org.uk or pam@leamingtoncarnival.org.uk


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