This years carnival parade will take up the streets of Royal Leamington Spa on Saturday 11th July 2020 from 12pm.

It's FREE to have a float, we provide you a lorry & driver! All you need to do, is decorate it! 


Thank you for considering taking part in this year’s carnival parade – one of Leamington's largest community events!

The carnival parade will take place on Saturday 11th July 2020, filling Royal Leamington Spa with spectacular floats, drummers, energetic dancers, colourful costumes, live bands and much more. This is your chance to be part of one of Leamington's largest community events, celebrating the town’s diversity, creativity & energy whilst supporting local charitable organisations. 

 Start at Campion Hills, turn left onto Leicester Street, over the Mini Island, onto Clarendon Avenue, turn left onto Parade, continue on Parade and turn right into Dormer Place - Parade ends. 

Raise money for your preferred charity 

Leamington Carnival has always raised money for local charities and organisations, with all entrants in the parade asked to help us collect donations from the public but you now are able to collect donations for your own preferred cause, providing it is a registered charity and you comply with Leamington Carnival’s Terms and Conditions of Entry. The better your entry and the more collectors you have on the day will mean more money raised for your chosen charity. So now is the time to start planning your carnival entry, the bigger and more eye-catching - the better!

If you don’t wish to collect for a nominated charity you can still collect money during the procession for Leamington Carnival, who support charities within Warwick District. 

All collectors will be licensed with Warwick District Council under the Leamington Carnival Street Collectors Permit.  

You do not need to arrange your own charity collecting permits. 

Planning your entry


Organisations can be provided with a lorry & driver at a very small cost. The lorry will arrive to our selected delivery address on the morning of carnival day between 7am & 8am. The float is then yours to create into a wonderful masterpiece. You can also enter your own vehicle in the Parade.

Journey to and from the procession

The journey to and from procession will be completed under normal road traffic rules and regulations and no organisation is to arrive at the set-up area or leave the dispersal area carrying passengers other than in the cab. The journey to and from the event will not be at restricted speeds and there is obvious danger on the back of the entries.

Safety Rails

Adequate railing must be fitted on floats to prevent persons falling from the vehicle. If it is necessary to carry children, they must be kept well away from the vehicle edge and should remain seated unless proper holds are provided. Our team can help and supply you wish relevant safety rails.

Vehicle Entry Stewards

All vehicle entries must have persons designated as stewards. The number of stewards required is dependent on the size of vehicle being used (Single van/car - one steward, van/car pulling a trailer - one steward, lorry - two stewards, pedestrian/bicycles - none).

Leamington Carnival will provide hi-visibility jackets for Float Stewards on the day.

Stewards are required to:

Ensure all entrants on the float have a safe and enjoyable time.
Ensure all members of the public do not get too close to your entry.
Ensure none of your party step on or off your vehicle whilst the vehicle is moving. Assist in any emergency evacuation of the area.
Ensure your vehicle keeps up with the pace of the procession. 

We are intending to run a briefing session for Vehicle Entry Stewards 2-3 weeks prior to the event. 

Alcohol and non-prescription drugs

The carrying and/or consumption of alcohol or non-prescription drugs is prohibited at any time before or during the parade. No person who is apparently drunk or otherwise incapacitated will be allowed to participate in the event, either walking or riding on a vehicle.

Risk Assessment

All vehicle entries must carry out a risk assessment covering your participation in the parade. The risk assessment is to be available for inspection at the set-up of the procession. A template risk assessment is available on request. Please contact the Parade Manager: