Attracting a crowd off around 10,000 people, the Leamington Carnival is now an annual free community event in the Royal Leamington Spa calendar – and the best day out of the year. The Carnival exists to celebrate community spirit, involving a host of schools, charities, community groups and residents from all over the town and beyond. The aim of the Carnival is to raise funds for charities in & around Warwick District.

It requires significant time, energy and resources to make the Carnival happen, a team of volunteers work tirelessly throughout the year to plan the event. This team rely heavliy on sponsorship and support from local businesses to help fund the event - without this there would be no Carnival.

Businesses and organisations sponsoring Leamington Carnival can benefit from our high profile marketing and publicity;

In 2020, our sponsors can expect to be:

  • Highlighted on our website with logo, link & write up

  • Logo featured on advertising banners, posters & leaflets around Warwick District leading up to carnival day

  • Branding around the stage

  • Logo featured on social media channels

  • Media coverage: Be included in press releases, interviews, and photo shoots to generate media coverage for your business across all regional media

  • Stand on Carnival day within the festival area



We offer a range of sponsorship opportunities. Get in touch and talk so that we can work together to create a tailor-made sponsorship package that fits your organisation's requirements. To discuss a sponsorship package and for further information please email Jamie (Event Manager)


If you want to support Leamington Carnival but don't feel sponsorship is the right way, could you offer:

  • Volunteers to help out on Carnival day?

  • Food and drink for volunteers?

  • Meeting spaces for our monthly meetings?

  • Help with publicity, eg designing posters, distributing publicity, website design?

  • Anything else?

We'd love to speak! So get in touch!